Liquid microsilica for high quality and durable concrete

Fields of application

HA-BE SILICA FLUID is a high-quality concrete additive for the production of tight and durable concrete. The main application area is concrete meeting the highest standards as far as strength, water tightness and resistance against chemical attack are concerned. For the production of high-performance concrete with a low water/cement ratio especially adapted superplasticisers such as PANTARHIT® series recommended.

Working principle

Due to its very even dispersion, HA-BE SILICA FLUID is a very effective admixture that reacts intensively with the calcium hydroxide out of the cement hydration.In fresh concrete the addition of HA-BE SILICA FLUID improves the cohesive strength and the water retaining ability of the mixture.In hardened concrete it contributes to the improvement of tightness, strength, and resistance against chemical and mechanical attack.