Underground construction - it's a world of its own. A complex world in which you ‎stand up for each other, take care of each other and work together. It’s a world that ‎is about solutions. About moving forward together.‎

We formed the Ha-Be Tunnel team more than 10 years ago.‎ The guys work on renowned ‎underground construction sites around the world, providing concrete technology ‎solutions there.‎ Our specially developed product systems for lining segments, inner shells, ‎shotcrete and annular gap mortar fulfil concrete technology requirements, allow ‎for customised solutions and an economical implementation. ‎


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In tunnel construction, tunnels are excavated using either blasting or mechanised tunnelling methods. Both excavation methods have special concrete technological areas of application and requirements. That is why we have developed different ‎product systems that are specially tailored to ‎the requirements of the respective method.
The infographics down below present information on our various systems quickly and clearly. Have a look at it!