We are the Ha-Be Tunnel Team.

We would like to introduce ourselves briefly - ‎We are the Ha-Be tunnel team. We are a ‎special unit of Ha-Be Betonchemie GmbH. We specialised in admixture systems for ‎tunnel and underground construction.‎

Lining segments, tunnel inner shells, sprayed ‎concrete or annular gap mortar - we know that ‎the composition of concrete is different for ‎every construction project. This is not only due ‎to the different raw materials, but also to the ‎different concrete technological requirements ‎that every project entails.‎

With our admixture systems we help to put ‎the concrete technological requirements into ‎practice, to create individual solutions and to ‎realise them economically.‎
This is our passion.‎


We are a team of concrete engineers and ‎specialised application technicians who create ‎concrete technological solutions for tunnel ‎construction sites around the world. With the ‎know-how from numerous renowned ‎projects, you can count on our practical ‎experience.‎
We are here for you:‎

  • Round-the-clock support in decisive and critical ‎phases
  • Complete project support (from the goal ‎setting, through preliminary tests to the ‎optimal setting of the preparation mix or the ‎concrete on the construction site or in the ‎factory)‎
  • Concrete technological support
  • Customisation and troubleshooting

Rely on us!‎