Silica-containing additive acc. to EN 13 263-1 for durable high performance concrete

Fields of application

MICROFUME® SLURRY is a high-quality additive for producing dense and durable concrete. MICROFUME® SLURRY optimises concrete’s resistance against mechanical and chemical loads, attains high strengths and a long durability. MICROFUME® SLURRY effects a tight and dense internal structure which ensures stabilisation of the concrete texture and minimises bleeding tendencies. For the production of high performance concrete with low water/cement ratios, use especially developed superplasticizers of the PANTARHIT®- line.

Working principle

MICROFUME® SLURRY is a very effective additive that reacts intensively with calcium hydroxide out of cement hydration. MICROFUME® SLURRY improves the cohesive strength and the water retaining ability of fresh concrete. In hardened concrete it contributes improvement of tightness, strength and resistance against chemical and mechanical attacks.