Ha-Be SRA-177 (ST)

Stabilizer with shrinkage reducing effect for durable concrete

Fields of application

Ha-Be SRA-177 (ST) is a stabilizer with shrinkage reducing effect for the production of durable concrete with greatly reduced drying shrinkage. The admixture is suitable for ready-mixed and precast concrete and for all applications where the construction project requires controlled cracking.

Especially designed is Ha-Be SRA-177 (ST) for the following applications:
>  Concrete screed
>  Concrete floors
>  Durable concrete in marine environments
>  Watertight concrete
>  Concrete with a high amount of cement paste and grout, e.g. self-compacting concrete or high performance concrete

Working principle

Ha-Be SRA-177 (ST) bases on carefully selected ingredients which have the capability of greatly reducing drying shrinkage. This allows the production of high performance and durable concrete.