Powdered alkali-free accelerator acc. to EN 934-5 for shotcrete applications in dry and wet process

Fields of application

PANTAQUICK® SCA30 AFP is a highly effective powdered alkali-free accelerator especially designed for shotcrete applications in dry and wet spraying process. PANTAQUICK® SCA30 AFP is generally suitable for all applications where high early and final strengths are required, such as
>  Excavation support in tunnelling and
underground construction
>  Support in mine and gallery construction
>  Rock support lining
>  Surface sealing
>  Slope stabilisation

PANTAQUICK® SCA30 AFP offers the following benefits:
>  High initial and early strength developments
>  High final strength
>  Good workability
>  Low pH-value
>  Dense sprayed concrete
>  Less rebound due to excellent adhesion
>  Reduced thickness of sprayed concrete lining
>  Facilitates overhead spraying
>  Improved working conditions due to reduced dust
>  No health hazards during transportation, stor-age and processing
>  Contribution to sustainability due to economic use of concrete and alkali-free compounds

Working principle

PANTAQUICK® SCA30 AFP accelerates the setting and the initial strength of concrete. The early and final strength are thereby increased.